“To care for those who once cared for us, is one of the highest honours.”
Tia Walker
Huis Lettie Theron offers a variety of care and residential facilities to support our residents transition into their golden years.
Our residents enjoy a wide variety of activities, offered right here, as well as extra mural activities in and around the beautiful Hermanus.
We create a family atmosphere through various activities and outings.

We offer our residents a wide variety of support services.

Hair Salon

Coffee Station


Tuck Shop


Dining Room

Gym Trim

Bargain Shop

Enjoy a family atmosphere at Huis Lettie Theron.

Huis Lettie Theron provides various activities and programmes to make our residents feel at home.

These activities include: Prayer meetings, Outings, Reading Room, Hermanus Library, Outdoor activities like French Boules, Games like Rummikub, Puzzles and Bridge, Cultural Programmes and Mental Care Unit programmes.

We have a generator on site and therefore no loadshedding. 

Message from our Chairman

I would like to thank the Board, Management and all staff for their commitment and loyalty towards making Huis Lettie Theron a sought after destination. We have received a clean audit and have also upgraded 10 Life-right apartments & 17 rental apartments since 2021.  Furthermore, the single rooms on the apartment-side and their bathrooms, have also been modernised.  I wish to acknowledge the mercy and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ, without which the achievements of Huis Lettie Theron would not have been possible. 

Our Mission

We protect the rights of the elderly people in Huis Lettie Theron, by providing safe accommodation, support and care. We do this through dedicated capable staff, volunteers and other role players. Our services are rendered through Christian Charitableness

Our Vision

Compassionate care to the elderly community.

Our Staff

Huis Lettie Theron appreciate all our staff. Our staff is loyal, committed and function very well in a team. 

We strive to give our staff the best training and we are committed to ongoing training programmes. 

We have sufficient staff, including a Manager and admin staff, Maintenance team, 3 Registered Nurses, 3 Enrolled Nurses, 4 Enrolled Nurses Assistants and 36 Carers.

Feedem Catering Services consist of a Food Service Manager, an Assistant Manager and 29 staff, including,  chefs, assistants, general assistants in the kitchen, cleaning and laundry departments.